23 Things: Support for the Management of Research Data

RDA (Research Data Alliance) interest group Libraries for Research Data has produced a document “23 Things: Libraries for Research Data", which is a review of practical and free online resources and tools for librarians, but also for other users who are working with research data. The successful cooperation of SRCA as the Croatian national RDA node, and partners  the University Library Rijeka , the University Library Split , the City and University Library Osijek and the National University Library in Zagreb resulted in an adapted version of the document suitable for the Croatian community entitled "23 Things: support for the management of research data". Croatian version of the document is available at SRCE and the Croatian RDA node.

In addition to Croatian, the document is available in 11 other languages - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The document outlines guidelines for research data management divided into nine categories, which includes resources for learning, informing and engaging researchers, research data management plans, metadata, citing research data, data licensing and privacy protection, digital preservation, research data repositories, and community involvement.

The document "23 Things: support for the management of research data" guides librarians how to solve problems and develop new services related to research data. For example, through online courses about research data management topics, about communication with researchers or ways to be acquainted with new terminology and available digital tools. Furthermore, the document informs librarians how they can help researchers manage their research data in a timely and appropriate manner, suggests familiarization with funder requirements and tools so that librarians can advise researchers on writing and using research data management plans. The importance of properly describing research data in accordance with FAIR principles was emphasized in order to contribute to a better understanding of metadata description.

The "23 Things: Support for Research Data Management" promote citation of research data, using persistent identifiers and linking research data to articles based on that data, as well as using appropriate licensing when collecting and sharing data. Cooperation with the community of archivists is necessary for the purpose of developing and implementing infrastructure that will ensure the availability and usability of data sets and the use of institutional and thematic repositories for the publication and long-term preservation of data sets. In addition, the connection with the community - researchers, financiers, publishers, librarians, is important part of sharing ideas and developing solutions for managing research data.

You will have the opportunity to hear more about the document "23 Things: support for research data management" at the webinar "How to Manage Research Data?", which will be held during the month of May.