Last update: 2018-02-09

Feature beginning end
Dissertations and M.S. Theses September 2015 Jaunuary 2016
Croatian e-dissertations repository (DR) November 2015 December 2015
Upload of professional theses December 2015 January 2016
Normative database of authors – data will be collected using outside data sources January 2016 February 2016
Improvement of the visual design and form’s user friendliness December 2015 January 2016
Visit statistics of Dabar repositories January 2016 February 2016
Upload of theses’ and dissertations’ appendices January 2016 March 2016
Implementation of OAI-PMH interface and education of repository administrators how to register their reposoitories within OpenDOAR, OpenAire and ARA February 2016 April 2016
Normative database of projects February 2016 April 2016
Establishment of university repositories February 2016 April 2016
Development of DABAR REST API for automatic upload of theses and dissertations March 2016 May 2016
Self-archiving of undergraduate and master's theses by students May 2016 July 2016
Articles published in journals September 2016 December 2016
 Support for the input of formulas and symbols (LaTeX) February 2017 March 2017
Visual arts thesis October 2016 May 2017
Self-archiving of  papers published in a journal April 2016 July 2016
Papers in conference proceedings, chapters in books May 2017 November 2017
Audio arts thesis August 2017 November 2017
linking to the MZO registers (the Register of Scientists and the Register of Study Programs) November 2017 December 2017

Presentations from conferences January 2018 May 2018
Books March 2018 July 2018
Video arts thesis January 2018 June 2018
Educational objects July 2018 ?
Research data July 2018 ?