Enabled Upload of Journals, Newspapers, Newsletters and Brochures

Based on the increased number of user inquiries, it was concluded that institutions have a need to upload complete editions of their publications (journals, newsletters, etc.) into institutional repositories. Therefore, the Coordination Committee made a decision to enable the upload of additional publications within the existing object Other types of documents.

Additional publications that have been added to the object Other types of documents are:

  1. Brochure
  2. Gazette
  3. Journal
  4. Newspaper.

This implementation enabled institutions to upload complete publications that the institution publishes or has published. It is important that institutional repository stores publications in which majority of authors are from that institution.

In addition to aforementioned new publications, the following types of publications and documents can be stored in the Other types of documents object:

  • Report
  • Technical report
  • Internal report
  • Project report
  • Project proposal
  • Technical documentation
  • Elaborates and studies
  • Work plan
  • Documentary material
  • Other.