A significant number of papers have been stored using the Dabar REST API program interface

Using the Dabar REST API program interface, the Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI) has stored more than 2,500 bachelor’s theses in Dabar's institutional repository. The FOI repository is the first repository to use this method in publishing a large number of papers. Communicating with FOI's development team, Dabar's team has identified several components that should be improved. In accordance with this, further advancements which will provide easier usage are planned.

The Rijeka University Library has also made significant advancements towards using the REST API interface. Using Dabar REST API, close to 1,200 dissertations have been stored in the Repository of the University of Rijeka Library and they will be published after further validation and additional editing of metadata descriptions is finished.

The Dabar REST API program interface is Dabar’s functionality which allows repository owners to automatically deliver their objects. For more detailed information, such as for whom the functionality is intended, how to ask for access and how to use it, visit https://dabar.srce.hr/api.