DABAR Celebrates 250,000 Published Objects

In the DABAR system repositories, a total of over 250,000 digital objects have been published in January 2024, and this number continues to grow consistently every day. The majority of the published objects are final theses, undergraduate theses, and specialist papers, with over 212,800 of them being made available. Following in terms of quantity are journal articles, with more than 9,200 published, and in third place are doctoral dissertations and scientific master's theses, of which more than 8,100 have been published. Other types of objects (such as contributions to collections, books, book chapters, photographs, conference presentations, audio objects, artistic final and undergraduate projects, audiovisual objects, datasets, data management plans and educational objects) have been published in smaller quantities.

Currently, 50.3% of the objects in DABAR are stored in open access. Through open access publication, institutions support the principles of open science and open education, enhancing the transparency of their work and the visibility of their results, and accelerating the application of science in the economy. It is evident that efforts should continue to promote open access and to explain to institutions and individuals the benefits that open access and open science bring to them and to society as a whole.