User testing of the DABAR system


During June and July 2023, user testing of the DABAR system was carried out due to the development of a new version of the Digital Academic Archives and Repositories system. The purpose of conducting user experience testing was done with the aim to improve the DABAR system, and it is based on the method of observing the actual way of using the product, in this case, the repositories in the DABAR system. The testing was conducted by the UX testing manager from SRCE, who guided users through the tasks they performed during the testing of the DABAR system.

Storage of research data management plans enabled in the DABAR system

Data Management Plan

In the DABAR system, storage of a new type of object has been enabled, which pertains to the storage of Research Data Management Plans (DMP). This storage option has been made available because the Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ) will require project leaders to store and publish their DMPs in their institutional repositories.

SRCE received EUNIS Elite Award for Excelence in implementing Information Systems

On the annual EUNIS conference SRCE received the EUNIS Elite Award for Excelence in implementing the DABAR (Digital Academic Archives and Repositories) system based on the paper DABAR – the national infrastructure for digital repositories written by Draženko Celjak, Zoran Bekić, Marko Cundeković, Ljiljana Jertec, Miroslav Milinović and Alen Zubić.

30 thousand objects in Dabar's repositories

The number of digital objects stored in Dabar has reached 30,000. This number includes evaluation papers (bachelor’s, diploma and specialist theses, doctoral dissertations, and PhD theses), their additions and new digital objects – papers published in journals.

After a workshop was held at Srce, the institutions have started submitting the papers published in journals. So far, 95 papers have been stored (94 of which are in open access). With 25 papers stored each, the institutions which have stored the most papers are:


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