DABAR in the EBSCO Discovery Service

The content of the Dabar platform is included in the EBSCO Discovery System (EDS) provided by the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) for all public universities, public polytechnics and scientific institutes. It is possible to search all digital repositories in the Dabar system within the search platform of all available e-sources (EDS). EBSCO is the world's leading provider of research databases, e-journals, e-books, journal subscriptions and other services for librarians. A comprehensive search system facilitates and simplifies the process of in-depth research.

By joining EDS, DABAR has confirmed his interoperability in a way that enables dissemination through other services (search engines, aggregators, etc.), thus guaranteeing greater visibility of institutions that have repositories in DABAR.

By selecting the DABAR repositories in the EDS search system, all content of institutional and thematic digital repositories and archives from the science and higher education system in Croatia will be displayed (preprint papers, peer-reviewed articles, papers from conferences, research data, dissertations, final theses of students, books, teaching materials, images, video and audio recordings, presentations, digitized materials, etc.).

You can find more about DABAR inclusion in EBSCO on the NSK website.