Digital Academic Archives and Repositories (DABAR) released

University Computing Centre (SRCE) released Digital Academic Archives and Repositories (DABAR) on 17th August 2015. All higher education and research institutions in Croatia can now request for their institutional or thematic digital repository to be established within DABAR.

As a result of an extensive cooperation between SRCE and National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK), DABAR supports upload and storage of students' undergraduate and master's theses. In order to support other types of digital objects, DABAR is being developed further. Dissertations are planned to be the next supported type of object by November 2015. It is important to point out that by uploading and storing undergraduate and master's theses in their institutional repository, institutions (universities, faculties, polytechnics and colleges) can now comply with the Act on Scientific Activity and Higher Education, Article 83, Section 11 which states that theses should be permanently published at an appropriate and public web site. In accordance to the Act, an online database of undergraduate and master's theses kept by the National and University Library in Zagreb will also be established within DABAR by the end of September 2015. Detailed instructions and user support for storing undergraduate and master's theses, as well as dissertations, shall be provided soon by the NSK.

To ensure a more efficient upload and error-free metadata entry, institutions that decide to have their institutional repositories established within DABAR and upload undergraduate and master's theses will be granted access to the data stored at the Higher Education Institutions Information System (ISVU), Study Programmes Register kept by the Ministry of Science Education and Sports and AAI@EduHr infrastructure.

If you are interested in receiving more news about DABAR, please subscribe to DABAR's mailing list via Be advised that the official communication language is Croatian.