OpenAIRE guidelines for registering the v4 interface have been published

Webinar Registration of v4 interface in OpenAIRE for repository managers in the Dabar system organized by SRCE, the Ruđer Bošković Institute and the University Library of Split was held on July 4, 2022 and gathered 26 participants. During the webinar, the procedure for registering the v4 interface, which complies with the "OpenAIRE Guidelines for institutional and thematic Repository Managers v4" guidelines, was presented. The target group were repository managers whose repositories are registered in OpenAIRE. During the webinar repository managers could register the v4 interface of their repositories in OpenAIRE with the guidance of the lecturer. Managers whose repositories are registered in OpenAIRE could only do the registration process of a new version of the interface.

After webinar the DABAR team prepared and published guidelines for repository managers whose repositories are registered in OpenAIRE. If the repository is not registered in OpenAIRE, it is not possible to register the v4 interface. Guidelines are available on the DABAR web pages under the section How to register a v4 interface in OpenAIRE?.

Repository managers have to register the v4 interface according to the published guidelines.