Data for Real-World Impact - RDA Virtual Plenary 15

Ovogodišnji 15th RDA Plenary Meeting pod nazivom „Data for Real-World Impact“ trebao se održati u Melbourneu, Australiji, ali zbog novonastalih okolnosti uzrokovanih COVID-19 virusom događanje se preselio u virtualno okruženje pod novim nazivom RDA Virtual Plenary 15 (VP 15). Događanje je započelo 18. ožujka 2020. i traje do 10. travnja 2020. Svi koji su zainteresirani mogu se besplatno prijaviti na bilo koju od brojnih sesija, panel diskusija, izlaganja i rasprava koje se održavaju ovih dana u virtualnim RDA prostorima.

SRCE received EUNIS Elite Award for Excelence in implementing Information Systems

On the annual EUNIS conference SRCE received the EUNIS Elite Award for Excelence in implementing the DABAR (Digital Academic Archives and Repositories) system based on the paper DABAR – the national infrastructure for digital repositories written by Draženko Celjak, Zoran Bekić, Marko Cundeković, Ljiljana Jertec, Miroslav Milinović and Alen Zubić.

A significant number of papers have been stored using the Dabar REST API program interface

Using the Dabar REST API program interface, the Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI) has stored more than 2,500 bachelor’s theses in Dabar's institutional repository. The FOI repository is the first repository to use this method in publishing a large number of papers. Communicating with FOI's development team, Dabar's team has identified several components that should be improved. In accordance with this, further advancements which will provide easier usage are planned.

30 thousand objects in Dabar's repositories

The number of digital objects stored in Dabar has reached 30,000. This number includes evaluation papers (bachelor’s, diploma and specialist theses, doctoral dissertations, and PhD theses), their additions and new digital objects – papers published in journals.

After a workshop was held at Srce, the institutions have started submitting the papers published in journals. So far, 95 papers have been stored (94 of which are in open access). With 25 papers stored each, the institutions which have stored the most papers are:

Support program for storing papers published in journals

According to the specification of the Working group for the description of scientific and similar works, controlled vocabularies and identifiers, the last version of which was published on 5th December on Dabar's web page, a team from Srce has implemented a support program for new digital objects - papers published in journals. The process of storing papers published in journals is currently being tested by the Working group.

Doctoral dissertations and PhD theses stored in Dabar are now visible on the DART-Europe Portal

The National and University Library in Zagreb has started regularly delivering data from the Croatian Digital Dissertations Repository to the DART-Europe system which is the central European portal for storing digital dissertations. This allows better visibility of dissertations written by Croatian scientists.


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